We Must Fight Back!

featured 02.03.2018

Posters Dedicated to the Late IKEA Founder

ikea featured 2 01.28.2018

I made these posters dedicated to IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad who died recently   January 28, ...

Harley-Davidson Ad Proposal

featured 01.24.2018

"Make Your Hair Great Again" - Harley-Davidson Ad

Trump Tower Fire

featured 01.08.2018

Trump Hair Christmas Tree Card

featured 12.17.2017

My proposal for a New Year's greeting card with a motif that's easily recognizable all over the world - Trump's hair, for this occasion shaped like a Christmas ...

Christian Bed

featured 12.03.2017

IKEA Ad Proposal

featured 08.08.2017

The Most Photographed Scene In The World

featured 07.17.2017

T-shirt with the most photographed scene in the

I fly (to) NY

featured 04.01.2017

T-shirt for all those who travel to New York by

City Posters: If Terrorism Prevailed

featured 03.26.2017

I've made these posters to demonstrate what the symbols of some cities would look like if terrorism took ...

Nutella Inspired Posters

01_featured image 02.05.2017

  I made these posters inspired by World Nutella ...

Posters Inspired by Swiss Flag

featured 12.08.2016

  I made these posters inspired by the Swiss national ...

Movie Posters Made of Emojis

featured 11.26.2016

  I made this collection of movie posters using only ...

Bird-Poop-Shaped Leaflet

featured 11.17.2016

I have made this two-sided, bird-poop-shaped guerilla leaflet for the "Red Elephant" car wash, a company I had already created a logo for. The leaflet drew a large number of customers, who initially went mad because of the seeming "damage" to their ...

Tobacco Teeth

featured 11.14.2016

I have made this visual as a example of a campaign with a goal to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco.             This can be seen at Bored ...

Get Back!

featured 11.12.2016

  I have made a sequel to the famous Norwegian Airlines ad in order to reflect the latest events in the ...

Paralympics Posters

01_featured-image 09.18.2016

I made these posters to show support for Paralympic athletes, building upon the existing symbols of the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and also flags of some of the participating countries. Paralympic Games     Rio 2016 Paralympics     Rio 2016 Paralympics, vol. 2     Swiss Paralympic ...

Minimalistic Movie Posters

featured image 11.23.2015

The Good, the Bad and the

Funny Posters

featured image 10.07.2015

Bubka Selfie Style Селфи? Нет! (Selfie?

All My Cat Logos

01_featured image 11.02.2014

Cupcat   Jackat   Meow   Kit Cut   Posycat   Mechanic Cat   Knitty   Cat   Fleo   CaT-Shirt   Africa   Boucat   Brandy Cat   Cat   Catapostrophe   Rockat   Ribbon Cat   Grumpy ...

Movie Logos

01_featured image 10.26.2014

Fistful of

Famous Brands Shown As Minimalistic Logos

featured image 07.20.2014

After I've tried to turn some world-famous brand logos into pixelated shapes, here's what they would look like in extreme minimalistic style. Nike Twitter Audi Red Cross Renault Levi's Olympic Games Chicago Bulls Lacoste Mercedes-Benz McDonald's Apple Puma MasterCard Star and ...